Hey there!

I decided I wanted to build a website and after hearing about this cool software known as Hugo from a cousin of mine, Nate. He told me that he used hugo to make a functional website and after a large amount of procrastination, I decided that I would try to figure out how it worked.

Starting off

Having never used Hugo before I decided to look up a tutorial like any decent human. They were definitely a great asset to allow me to get my footing when it came to the basics.


After getting the basics down, I decided instead of making my own theme like some other. That I would use a theme I found on the hugo website and modify it. The theme I chose was PaperMod. I liked the way that this theme looked and the features that were built in already. After installing it as a submodule in my base git project I was ready to begin editing the layout pages.


Some of the modifications I wanted to make involved moving the ToC to the left instead of the top for posts such as this one and different home page theming for the footer links. I also added page analytics through GoatCounter which is an anonymous page analytics service.

Originally this theme opened all links in the same tab, but I didn’t want this to affect every link so I had to go fix it with a link hook which allows me to tell the website to add target="_blank" to some anchors in the pages.

Some other slight modifications are the favicons that work on all platforms to my knowledge.

Finishing Thoughts

Well I never intended this post to be super long so here you go. I built a website using Hugo and hosted it via Cloudflare pages. I modified the theme to fit certain cases I needed fixed and, boom, a website portfolio that others can view!