This was a bad Idea somehow

Welp, this is a super late post. 👍

I originally wanted to use PaperMod as my main theme with some changes. I didn’t know how at the time. I was looking around at different ways to do things and I ended up finding a github repository that showed how to move the PaperMod ToC to the side of the page for a larger format.

This was super cool and it taught me that I could end up doing what I wanted by updating the layouts and the CSS. Well once that was done. I noticed that a different theme but super similar to PaperMod was what I was looking for and I decided to switch to it.

The one thing that I didn’t realize is that switching to a different theme is a little harder than one would think about. But I decided to push ahead anyways.


PaperModX had the ToC moved to the side and it also had a few different changes that also made external links work differently. This was desireable as I had a few different links (and still do) that are external and I wanted them to show as external. This and a lot more was accomplished in PaperModX.

I then realized that I had done a lot of heavy lifting in my previous theme of PaperMod making it what I liked and making work how I liked. And PaperMod was updated more frequently compared to PaperModX which hadn’t been updated in a few months.

It was at this point where I decided to go back to good ol PaperMod with what I had and to port over changes that I liked from PaperModX.

Lessons Learned

Well when it came to this project, I didn’t really know what I wanted it to be when it came to be about my website. I just wanted something cool to show the world and to flex my brain by making something that I had to learn and evolve from using in the first place. I think that changing to something that was not better was a foolish choice for me to do (I spent WAY too many hours working on migrating themes and all the different tidbits that I had put into the first theme.)

I finally got some time to write this out and to share what a ridiculous set of things happened to make this post come into existence.

Happy reading and don’t over-commit yourself to something that isn’t worth it.